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004: oshitIforgottoupdatethisthing

Art dump!

♦ Colored || TYL!Yama+Dera+Tsuna | Yamamoto | baby bro | Hibari | husky | Spanner | Pikachu + Seagull | dazzled | jump | shadow | sushi | Calvin | ID | lolcat girls |
♦ Manga || KHR doujinshi | RSoM 8 entry |
♦ Sketches || yellow | fish | husky | math | sleep | study | star |
♦ Wait wtf || Irin |

Rating: G - PG

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001: Older Art

This is an art dump of pictures drawn in the recent past.

♦ CG || Dino | Yama+Dera+Tsuna |
♦ Tegaki || Basil | Hibari TYL | Yamamoto | 8059 (?) | Reborn + Tsuna TYL |
♦ Doujinshi || 8059 | Yamamoto/Ryohei |
♦ Sketches || Belphegor | Tsuna | Gokudera | Yamamoomoo | kids | Arcobaleno |

Rating: G to PG-13

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Idea Board

1. I will not draw all the ideas that people suggest.
These are for brainstorming purposes only~ ♥

2. No limits on ideas!
You can have 1, 2, 5, 10, 4203948308294... Oh wait, there IS a limit. Once you hit 802759, we have to celebrate. Then you can share some more afterwards with no limit.

3. Don't be shy D:!
You're really doing ME the favor (in fact, I feel really bad for asking like this. Hahaha 8D;;), so please please please feel free to make suggestions. orz.

4. Keep it PG-13.
Trust me. You don't want to see me draw porn :|

5. It can be as generic or as specfic as you want.
You don't even have to specify characters. But if you do, please state which series they're from!

Fill out this little form, and that's it! Thank you in advance~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Idea board was changed as of May 28, 2009.

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This community will be used as an archive for any artworks done by Neneno. Updates will be random, but I'll try to be as active as I can! Here are some rules and guidelines~.

1. Feel free to use any artwork posted here unless specified otherwise. Credit isn't necessary, but appreciated.
2. Do not claim any of these works as your own.
3. No hotlinking~!
4. This comm is organized by tags, so use them if you get lost, 'kay?
5. Feel free to watch this journal if you like what you see  ♥

Neneno is an 18-year-old female in California who likes to think she has more time on her hands than she does. And she-- ah, what the hell? Why am I referring to myself in third-person again? You can call me Neneno (neh-neh-no), Sooyun (Soo-yun), Sean (Shawn), or whatever you want to, really. I swear I'm not scary ♥ - so feel free to ask me questions or talk to me. I- I'll probably be more intimidated by you than you are of me, hahaha.

AIM: lateby1minute